Random Thoughts at 1.55pm

I’m looking forward to “swim” in the scriptures afterwards …

I hope to fine tune some “guidelines” to encourage an “open & learning” atmosphere for tonight’s emergent malaysia “open” meeting with the topic on “2nd (or more) Generation Christians”

It’s so good to have Kia Ming taking Ryan & Holly and also Ben & Chara for a simple KL intro tour! Kia Ming & I had a good time chatting with the husbands last night over dinner … good to hear about their experiences in Phuket and with the local Christians there.

I wonder how come I always get into a situation where the church van I drive “dies on me” … like today. The alternator gave up on me … thank God I was near Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (who loaned me the van for last night) was nearby and Rev. Chan and the Mechanic came to the rescue. Gareth enjoyed the adventure though … and I lost some precious time, but had fun explaning to my son what happened.

There’s quite a lot on my mind … and I know that I’ll need to carve some time to work these things out in a prayerful atmosphere. Did some Take time Questions the last few days … and I could feel the nudge to take more time.

Need to rework my sleeping patterns as well and of course … jump start some kind of exercise programme … as I approach 33 years old in October (*hint hint*) I know I need to get myself in better shape for the long run. It’s hard to give up potato chips … perhaps taking on some more regular exercise would be easier! 🙂

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