Random Thoughts after a Ramli Burger

It was great to catch up with an old friend today (He’s pretty young actually still in his twenties)… I’m amazed and encouraged how far he has come as a young man and matured in his Christian faith … there are times when I feel “disappointed”, “discouraged” or “disillusioned” with the development of Christianity that’s in our Malaysian context … but it’s meetings like today that give me hope and perspective. Many leave for further studies and “lose their faith” or “can’t connect their faith with reality” … it’s good to just listen to a young man in his twenties speaking with a sense of purpose and focus in matters regarding how he wants to live as a human being and as a Christ-follower.

What can I say? whether it’s the van I’m driving stopping in the middle of the road, or almost missing a flight (once I actually did), or needing a replacement for a a speaking engagement … etc. God has been very gracious to me .. 🙂

I’m glad I slowed down “to smell the flowers” of a good book this morning … the book opened up space for me to meet Jesus afresh! Thanks Scott.

I’m growing increasingly tired of some things I’m reading on the net. I’m amazed by the amount of “energies” people invest in such endeavors. I don’t think such individuals are necessarily lacking in intelligence or don’t sincerely believe they are right or love God. Some how I find more “energies” need to be invested in other areas … so I think I’m going to try a Homer Simpson “Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand.” approach on some issues. Don’t care for me is not evading the issues (thus the willingness still to understand) … but more of relocating my “cares” on what is more important for me now.

I’m still in the how can we dance better mode … what I tentatively call “Ortho-dance” – the liberating dance of theology, spirituality and ministry (living/serving/sharing)! I think of a friend who’s been offered a teaching position in a seminary … I sincerely pray that he can model this dance for his future students … I’m pretty confident he will 🙂

Should I wear a white band tomorrow? Hmm … didn’t buy the one online doesn’t mean I can’t right?

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