Random Links 53

Centered Sets, Bounded Sets and the Search for Ekklesia
Good short article on the 2 kind of sets and how that can be applied for church! (check this video out for a idea for Herding Cats via OnMovements)

Why David Sometimes Wins (via dwight friesen)
Dwight’s original title really caught my attention, “how the “little” can defeat the “big” . . . at least sometimes”. I tend to get drawn to this kind of sentences.

beyond indifference
short but true …

What is missional? (via Scot McKnight)
Scot recommends this as a good place to start thinking about it … I appreciate this concrete-real-on-the-ground “work in progress” description in this post.

The Mission or Task of “Pastor”
“A “pastor” thinks seriously and creatively in two worlds simultaneously. The pastor lives and breathes kingdom “shalom” and the pastor engages and challenges and leads away from all non-shalom realities in the lives of God’s people.” … now that’s one statement that will keep me in check! Another one here … connects me with some themes I’m working on, “Pastors redefine the symbolic world of people so that people begin to see the kingdom of God at work in their everyday lives.” . Thanks John Fyre, … I’m on “discovery mode” with these posts in the same way with your book I read.

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