Pre-5th-Annniversary Set Up

After Noon …
IMG_3434_tent_truck.jpg IMG_3435_tent_setup_small.jpg
IMG_3437_tent_side.jpg IMG_3439_tent_outside.jpg

In the Evening …
IMG_3475_susan_welcome.jpg IMG_3483_wrapping.jpg
IMG_3495_papercut.jpg IMG_3485_set_up_inside.jpg

IMG_3489_shereen.jpg IMG_3486_colorful_balloons.jpg

IMG_3492_balloon_cross.jpg IMG_3494_john_aircon.jpg

IMG_3493_work_circle.jpg IMG_3502_andy_hardwork.jpg

IMG_3505_white_chairs.jpg IMG_3508_finishign_touch.jpg

IMG_3515_flower_cross.jpg IMG_3523_door_deco.jpg

Count down begins …


It all starts at 6pm, August 6th, 2005 at the Father’s House … a “Kingdom Party”

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