5th Anniversary Memory Makers

I think I’m still trying to “drink it all in” after the whole event … perhaps by sharing these pictures (that I somehow still managed to take) with some comments would help me digest the whole Bangsar Lutheran Church 5th Anniversary Worship Dinner Celebration!

IMG_3550_caterer_arrive.jpg IMG_3549_trafficcontrol.jpg

The caterers from Banana Cafe arrived in good time to set up. Our BLC parking attendants were in good shape too … The weather was hazy today. But still bearable!


It was great that there were loads of space a long the road to park our cars.


We had three sets of gifts to give away ..the theme was more towards appreciating those who’ve contributed to the community and learning life of BLC through the LiFe Groups, the recent Retreat and the children’s ministry. Here’s a sneak in the gift wrapping process by Wai Mun and team … even 3 year old Janell helped!

IMG_3528_lcd_mic.jpg IMG_3529_hitech.jpg

either we’re hi-tech or we don’t really know how to “manage” with one notebook … we landed up using two with the LCD projector. James and Chin Hor worked hard at getting the video clips and slide shows ready … and we got a good dose of it tonight!!! 🙂 It was raw honest as well as humours stuff! Of course, the dynamic duo Yuen Then and Cheng … operated the slides and videos flawlessly …

IMG_3539_before_start.jpg IMG_3531_welcome_table.jpg

We were ready by 6pm! The Welcome table was cool – the welcomes included a relaxed BLC welcome, Mustard Seed (Anniversary Edition), cute hearts with love stitched on them. A lot of work has gone into all this whether it’s deco, the publication, the door gifts, etc.

IMG_3543_kidz_reading1.jpg IMG_3544_kidz_reading2.jpg

When the event started I hardly could take pictures because either I was holding or playing the bass, or holding a mic for one of the kids, or something … But, I managed to capture the kids during a simple rehearsal .. they did excellently reading different parts of Psalm 23. I was totally “blessed” by hearing the Scriptures recited so beautifully throught the voices of our BLC kidz.


The added bonus is to have Vicky (Piano) and Sarah (violin) accompany the kidz Psalm 23 recitation … wow! These two can play!


Sarah .. brought us into a greater celebrative mood with a “surprise” violin solo presentation … inclusive of a little bit of “moves” (I saw James trying to dance at the sides!)

IMG_3553_keatLim_notes.jpg IMG_3556_susan_story.jpg

It was good to hear an “older” Christian – Keat Lim share how he sees BLC and what being part of our community means for him. And then immediately, hear from a “younger” Christian (who just got baptized last year) Susan share about her story thus far. It;s so important to hear one another’s stories in our community.

It must have been divine appontment to get someone like my friend and fellow pilgrim Paul Long whom I commented is in the 40’s catergory come and “bless” us tonight with a few words. I felt especially “blessed” because he was trying to describe me at one point .. with his “creative” use of a balloon and how I like to ask “Questions” and “Whys” (which is true!). After popping the balloon shaped in a “Y” it transformed into a “cross” and he pointed out that these questions are actually meant to point one to the cross … and I’ll say a big amen to that! Thanks Paul! what a blessing!


Then another friend who’s in the 50’s catergory 🙂 who’s a master more with words than with balloons, or bass guitars *grin* spoke from his heart to “bless” us – especially affirming our quest for authentic relationships in Christ, and including even the kids, all in all trying to “live out” the Gospel’s message of acceptance and transformation … both Soo-Inn and Paul have been behind the scenes with me for quote some time. I treasure their support, accountability and friendship. It meant a lot to me today … for them to come and celebrate this anniversary together (and for BLC members and friends to see that no one walks alone!) Thanks Soo-Inn!

I wrapped this segment up with a brief meditation on Matthew 14:22-33. with two artpieces here and here, to help (*updated the links) 🙂 God has been gracious to us as individuals and especially tonight remembering the corporate Body – the people of God … known as “Bangsar Lutheran Church”. Often, we’re in trouble, easily terrified, and sinking too … but Christ comes to us, calls us to come to him (wow! we can even walk on water too!), and most important, when so often we’re sinking – we call for rescue and he grabs us … I think the passage does show us about us as humans (who so often identify with Peter) but my hearts is drawn again and again when all is said and done to Jesus … who shows us one truly worthy of worship … because of who He is and What he has done, plus what he will do in our lives and beyond!


I couldn’t catch much of the worship & music team tonight – because I was part of it. But Wai Kin crafted and weaved together a beautiful and meaningful liturgy and the rest of us worked on how to blend and flow all the elements musically. I think it went pretty well ..

IMG_3567_makan1.jpg IMG_3568_makan2.jpg

Many of our friends came – more than 50 people (I think) so we had a a total of around 100 adults with 20 Kids (happily running around, playing balloons). Good to see my toastmasters friends come, old and new friends … first time new visitors, etcs. It was good to see people mingle easily and having good food while engaging in conversations with others.

IMG_3574_fathers_hse_cake.jpg IMG_3584_fathers_hse_cake2.jpg

Our BLC friend Adeline made this “I’m-just-speechless” cake. It does represent what we are about … some words that come to mind are – home, family, friends, conversations, blessing, one another, love, refuge, acceptance, change, peace, sabbath, welcome, hospitality, growth, safety, … etc.


I couldn’t get the courage to even start cutting it. We had to leave that to Hoong Guit our lady in the leadership team to get that job done … a tribute to all the women in BLC!

IMG_3586_latebirds1.jpg IMG_3587_latebirds2.jpg

And it’s always great to have those who continue to linger around and just allow the event to fade slowly so we can all go home … I trust that the conversations conitued in the car on the way home, for May Chin and me in our home, for others … like David and Liz on their blogs … they are faster than me … some of what they said really “BLESSED” me personally … and I think as we have been blessed tonight … it’s more about sharing that “BLESSING: now to others in all ways possible! Read on for more …

Thoughts after church’s anniversary celebrations
“… Really enjoyed the fellowship … when they showed the many candid photographs of BLCians, I got teary-eyed because I realise I’m one lucky girl to have found a church like this. A part of me wonders whether I’m going overboard with the “BLC is so cool” thing, but I have to say that this church has reclaimed my faith that church can be the kind of church that God meant it to be.

Great practising my Penang Hokkien with Soo-Inn – thanks for Anne Lamott’s book, Soo Inn! Nice to see Racheal, Carmine and Soo Shen dancing. Lovely to see the videos of the kids and everyone enjoying life at BLC … how embarassing that to see myself ramble on and on on camera (and darn it, I should’ve worn black – more slimming! :P)

Great food, especially the house made of chocolate cake. All in all, such a good night. Had planned to chao (go) at 9.30pm but ended up staying till 10.30pm because had such fun talking with everyone! Glad that Natalie could join us as well. “

Drunk In The Spirit
“That’s really how I felt going to BLC tonight for the fifth year anniversary. It is really like going home and the welcome from everyone also made it extra special for me. I hope all of our guests got to feel that too. The arrangments had all been done beautifully and I am very grateful to all that pitched in while I was able to have my break. The worship service was exactly what I needed tonight after a stressful week and have been feeling under spiritual attack lately. I don’t mind saying that this tough aussie shed a few tears at various points. I only asked the lord this morning if he is hardening my heart like Ramses and I guess tonight he gave me my answer. ( I know that sounds a bit heretical but it’s the truth lah)

My colleague who came reminded me just how young a lot of the flock is and he wasn’t referring to the baby boom. I guess I tend to forget that these days since everyone just fit’s together so nicely. Admittedly I feel a pang of sadness that padwan Chin Hor is going away for a while and when I analyse it my feelings are a bit fatherly so I guess deep down I recognise the age gap. Isn’t achieving that kind of ties what Church is all about ? One of the guests spoke about the little things that matter tonight and not the numbers game and this is one of those little things to my way of thinking. We should share those little successes with each other and those beyond our house since that is what growing in Christ is a part of.

The gift ceremony also showed me just how willing our parts of the body are to pitch in and help, there were a lot of gifts because there were a lot of helpers and volunteers. Again these are not necessarily big things but each little part helps the other and in the end the whole body benefits. I chatted with Sivin on the way out about how it felt to come back and how different it felt to attend Church in QLD. I realise just how much my way of thinking and feeling has changed since we have been at BLC and I know I can never go back to the way it was before. *grins* that is growth isn’t it ? So you don’t need an epihany to change you at all. Just like those big boulders that water keeps dripping on God keeps chipping away at us to expose what is underneath. Again small drips can move mountains given enough time.

You know I still feel drunk even though I did not touch a drop today – water really can become wine when it is drunk with our Lord….

Happy Birthday BLC”

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