My first Meme

Like him I don’t really know what Meme is (now I do after reading the link), but since I got tagged by Shermen Kuek new kid on the blog! .. I will respond …

1) Total Number Of Books You Own:

I’ve actually don’t know the exact number … (many people know I’m lousy with numbers!) I don’t think it’s a lot … but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themself! 🙂

IMG_3604_books_church.jpg IMG_3605_books_various.jpg IMG_3607_books_others.jpg IMG_3602_books_old.jpg


2) The Last Book You’ve Bought:
I think I bought at least 3 or 4 at one go … but since Mr.S.K and I have the same initials, I’ll put him up … 🙂


3) The Last Book You’ve Read:

I have this habit of often reading a few books at one go … but I think I can claim Brian’s latest book as one I finished reading.


4) Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me:
(And I’ll throw in one more that’s free online… partly because one of the authors became a friend and a mentor from a distance at a critical time of my journey)


proper_confidence_200.jpg life_together_200.jpg

pia desideria_200.jpgunbounded_love.gif

5) Tag Five People And Have Them Fill This Out On Their Blogs
(all locals and avid readers I think!):

Kia Meng
David Chong
Chris Rao
Ben Ong
Alwyn Lau

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