Random Thoughts Surrounded by Haze

IMG_3750_1utama_haze.jpg IMG_3754_star_haze.jpg

I just fell asleep last night … I was having a headache, sneezing, slight cough … The haze situation here in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur hasn’t improved as you can see from the photos.

The BLC “punk band” – James, Paul and me … still had a wonderful practice for this Sunday’s Worship Gathering considering our spirits could have been “hazed out” by the weather. We had good heartfelt uplifting sharing and prayer (with James and me sneezing away!)

I went ahead and cried out for some rain and wind for our country and let’s not forget our neighbors in Indonesia and Sumatra specifically. I don’t think there’s a need to panic in agreement with Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi.

Gareth and Elysia is starting to get affected by the situation (we’re monitoring them closely). May Chin and I are tying our best to stay healthy too. Lord, we appreciate some extra help here too. And we also want to remember especially the weak, the elderly and the children.

I woke up after hearing Elysia complain or maybe just “baby talking away” early this morning. Apparently, quite a number of Malaysians are airing their frustrations at BBC News.

This is one of those strange moments, where our human fragility is accentuated to the fullest. What else can I say, or pray …. apart from Lord, have mercy (again!).

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