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This week has been quite a roller coaster week for me (thus the Latin prayers and sporadic blogging).. and it’s still not over yet (when is it ever? *grin*). But in the midst of all this or I think before the “ride” started we captured a fun evening together as a family. There you see Gareth experimenting with physics, movement, momentum, etc (ok! he was just having fun!) and May Chin reading to Elysia while she enjoys flipping the little book. 🙂

IMG_3904_elysia_bed.jpg IMG_3960_elysia_look.jpg

One of my recent joys is when I go and pick Elysia up from my Mom’s place and the excitement she shows when I call her name. The legs would start kicking (as if she’s ready to go!) and then a little giggle of happiness. And when I look at her even during the waits at the traffici light … she gives me this – “You look funny papa!”- look!

IMG_3932_gareth_play.jpg IMG_3963_gareth_cheeky.jpg

One of the fun conversations we had in the car on the way to Gareth’s Granpa’s place this week was about the use of “much” and “more”. We’ll talk about “many trees”, “many cars”, “so much water”, or “so much smoke” (during the haze!), etc. And then you could just see his excitement when he talks about how Grandpa caught a “big fat rat” in a cage! Ah .. the world is fascinating through the eyes of a child. Perhaps we are too busy looking at something else 😛

Both May Chin and I are growing as well … some one told me how they enjoyed the family pictures and I do too! And yet reality is that there’s so much “hard work” involved in nurturing a family, a marriage, and children … as I’m thinking about the words of Jesus for a couple to be married later in the afternoon … “Love one another as I have loved you.” I recognize that Jesus has promised to “love” us first and that results in empowering us (especially when we are weak) to “love” those before us and around us .. starting at home. so, to me it’s more than just following the “example” of Jesus (which is awesome!), it’s also how the living Christ “empowers” us here and now through these words and through the life-giving Spirit.

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