A Big Idea for Pastors

A couple of things struck me in the following quote. First, is the simple focus in disciple making. Second, my personal life verse John 20:21 is mentioned (and it’s also the focus verse for our church). Third, is when Brian mentioned about the benediction – that is exactly what’s in my mind when I announce it EVERY time EVERY Sunday for me, my family and all those present. I’m REALLY looking forward to return to BLC after being away for 2 Sundays 🙂

“Our job is to make disciples. Our job is to actually make people who are followers of Jesus and who have a role in this world similar to the role that Jesus had in this world. Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, so send I you.” We’re actually preparing people to be sent into the world.

Every Sunday when we say the benediction, we’re sending them into the world as representatives of Jesus. And so what did Jesus do? Jesus taught, Jesus asked questions. Jesus loved people. Jesus healed. Jesus spoke up about injustice and exposed hypocrisy. If we had a sense that what the Christian project is all about is actually about sending people a little better prepared week after week to represent Jesus, I think that would be a tremendously exciting thing. And in many ways this is really what this whole emergent conversation is about. How we can actually rise to that mission of making disciples.” ~ Brian McLaren, A Generous, not Suspicious, Orthodoxy

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