Random Thoughts before Sports Day


I thought Elysia REALLY wore a cool hat last Sunday. It took me almost a week before I posted it up. It’s been a busy “adjustment” week.

There’s so much to drink in this week … great time at MMU CF (especially the supper), some insightful chat sessions, visited one LiFE Group (eavesdropped another), met up with a number of people (long overdue but better late than never), fixed up some new appointments, participated in my first denomination Executive council meeting … no wonder I’m physicially pretty worn out.

We’re suppose to start packing … wow! There’s a lot to do … need to start my part 😛

Excited for Gareth afterwards, the Canon A70 camera is ready … the weather is great, the Sun is shining.

I still haven’t blogged about the recent Lutheran denomination convention yet .. .

I need a haircut … it’s getting hot!

More … later.

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