Random Links 60

Chuang Tsu(Chuang Tse in ‘the Lathe of Heaven’)’s ‘a butterfly’s dream'(胡蝶之夢 )
since last night I’m in the mood for Chinese stories 🙂

The Traditional Church Foundation Model & The Missional Church Foundation Model
I like diagrams they help me think … see .. re-think and re-look!

The Trailblazer: The first evangelical missionary to India set out to prove that the gospel does not destroy culture but transforms it from within
Lutherans aren’t known for being very “missionary” minded … the early pietists breaks that stereo type 🙂

What is “Postmodernism”?
Here’s this “pomo” word again .. 🙂 next saturday morning some of us will have a go at it too

Spiritual Formation in a Postmodern Context
I’ll have a chance to facilitate a course of spiritual formation and discipleship (in the context of youth ministry)… this looks helpful.

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