Random Thoughts after Mooncake Festival Party


I didn’t eat any mooncakes last night.

Had fun using Remembering Chang-O’s Flight for a kind of trivia session.

I think my brother John Kit had the final say in terms of closing entertainment. He’s got the hair-sytle to go with it 🙂

There are some fun photos … and moments I captured on the Canon A70 … will try to organize a blog or two either here or the Waiting Room.

Starting to pack books in boxes now … some for sale … most for transport to new home (which I’m really looking forward to)

I’m happy to meet with my potential Master’s supervisor on wednesday … I found some help in focusing my thoughts … (helps even in how I pack my books too!)

It was good for the 4 of us to meet up and work out some details for the upcoming emergent malaysia “open” meeting on Saturday, September 24, 10am. Hope we can have some thing on for the website by then too …

Skimmed through some of the “the Gospel and Our Culture Network” stuff before a brief nap … and will be toying the idea to do it as a module …

I had loads of fun talking with a “Brethren” John Yip and his wife today .. I find myself very comfortable with some of the “Brethrens” that cross path with me the past 2 years. The coffee and lunch was pretty good too!

as much as good things are happening, there are always others matters lurking in the shadows that might require attention.

I found myself increasingly uneasy when I find myself “forced” into frameworks that don’t allow me to experiment with other “frameworks” of dealing with matters at hand .. especially in terms questions related to life, God, humanity, church and ministry.

The past week has been packed … and I hope to have some “space” to blog on a number of “procrastinated” posts … and I can’t catch up other blogs too … anyway, I am in the midst of some “transitions” whether it’s moving to a new place, adjusting (again!) to new roles, etc. Nothing to be guilty about … I know “grace”!

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