Post Mooncake “EMO” meeting


When I mentioned “EMO” in a recent meeting with a bunch of varsity students I heard some “Aws” and “Ahs” 🙂 so when i realized what we’ve been calling our emergent malaysia open meetings can be called EMO meetings I thought that would be fun. But seriously, the guy who works with the National Bank wrote the following (I think he does a better job):


Postmodern Investigations

What is postmodernity? Where does it come from? What has it got to do with the church & Christianity? How are we to respond? Some believe it is a scourge to be challenged at all cost. Others welcome it as an opportunity to engage with today’s culture. Yet there are those who think it is the latest fad in a series of methods to increase church attendance.

If these are some questions that you’ve been thinking about, come on down and join us in exploring this theme and its possible implications on the how we view and live out our faith.

Date: Saturday 24 September 2005
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: Bangsar Lutheran Church, 23 Jalan Abdullah, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

(For a map to the venue: click here)

We will listen to some sharing on the following areas, after which there will a time of interaction and discussion:
– History of modernity & its development
– Reaction of the church to modernity
– History of postmodernity & its development
– Reaction of the church to postmodernity
– Responses on what does all this have to do with us (or doesn’t have to do with us)

Organised by a bunch of friends known as emergent Malaysia 🙂
(as you can see I had a hand in the last line on organisers)

we were discussing about since often people associate “emergent” with the word “postmodern” .. we might as well give it a try engage this topic … it will be a feeble and honest attempt by a bunch of Malaysian Christians (admitting all biases right from the start *grin*)… I’m looking forward to listening to how Mr. Gmail Theology and Mr. Appreciate Coconut Tree can help us get started.

Hopefully next we can engage with the word “postcolonial” in November before Christmas … Sherman and I will have a trial run at a local private university setting on this 🙂 I’ll leave that for the next “EMO” meeting …

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