Random Links 62

Under the Spell of Good Intentions
I think it’s good to read something from Mr. S.K. on Saturday evening!

Franke’s Character of Theology 1, -2-, -3-, -4-, -5-
I’m following Scott’s summaries and feedback with interest and hope to get the book when it arrives!

Toward a Proper Christian Response to Postmodernity -1-preface, -2-mapping, -3-local, -4-MetaNarrative, -5-Reason, -6-Reality
Here’s another series I want to start checking out … wow! I’m REALLY catching up with these guys who write in series!

the 4 Spiritual Truths
we mentioned the 4 spiritual laws in our eMo meeting for an illustration … I thought having a look at a anabaptist version would be helpful.

This caught my attention (something we alluded to at the eMo meeting as well) – the reflections based on the excerpt here from Lois Tyson’s Critical Theory Today is facinating…

“Postcolonial theorists often describe the colonial subject as having a double consciousness or double vision, in other words, a consciousness or a way of perceiving the world that is divided between two antagonistic cultures: that of the colonizer and that of the indigenous community.

This feeling of being caught between cultures, of being to neither rather than to both, of finding oneself arrested in a psychological limbo that results not merely from some individual psychological disorder but from the trauma of the cultural displacement within which one lives, is referred to by Homi Bhabha and others as unhomeliness. Being “unhomed” is not the same as being homeless. To be unhomed is to feel not at home even in your own home because you are not at home in yourself: your cultural identity crisis has made you a psychological refugee, so to speak.

Double consciousness and unhomeliness persist in de-colonized nations today. So among the tasks formerly colonized peoples face is the rejection of colonialist ideology, which defined them as inferior, and the reclamation of their pre-colonial past. (368)

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