A New Kind of Conversation


I’m a little left behind this “ongoing conversation” since it started. Partly because I’m “in transition” in a number of ways 🙂 I hope to catch up once things are more settled at least at our new place of refuge.

I personally find this “book project” fascinating .. first, in it’s title and topic and second, in the way it’s written with the aid of the medium of blogging.

Check out the following for a sampling of what’s happening and ongoing …

What is Postmodernism? – Bruce Ellis Benson
I’ve been asked this quite a lot lately … Brian’s response is worth checking out here

Spiritual Formation in a Postmodern Context — Brian McLaren
It’s not just about knowing the context, it’s about how we relate this to discipleship and how all this affects or even refocused how we can do “spiritual formation”

Evangelical Faith & (Postmodern) Others — Kenzo Mabiala
This is REALLY good and introduced the idea of “postcolonial” thinking … which has been popping up in this blog as well.

Postmodern Ministry; In Search of A Living Orthodoxy — Ellen Haroutunian
I’ve heard of a generous orthodoxy .. now how does all this translate into a “living orthodoxy”. This is not just word play … it’s allowing words to shapre our reflection. I’m still cautious and concerned when the word “postmodern” may be misused as a “brand” name … but then that’s always the temptation if we are not alert.

Bible, Theology and Postmodernism — Myron B. Penner
Ah! here comes something on the Bible … Phew … 🙂

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