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Emerging Church Hammering – Intro
“if you say something critical about the emerging church, there is a legion of web journalists who will quickly back you up and help you graffitti your criticism on the wall of the blogosphere.” Insightful.

Emerging Church Hammering 1.0
TSK says, ” there are 2 questions that bug me:
1. Is the emerging church REALLY a dying quasi-denomination of 200 gotteed, gripey, grungy, groups of protesting, post-everying, peed-off Christians lighting candles to Derrida and trying to convert the mainstream church to the idol of postmodern relevancy?
2. Is there REALLY only 200 of them?”

On Defining Emerging Church (updated)
TSK gives us a sampling on how “A lot of people are trying to define the Emerging Church at the moment”.

Assessment of the Emerging Church – Part II
Food for thought … thanks Jason, “I don’t follow Jesus because I have the absolute truth about him, I follow him because he is the truth. It’s a relational epistemology.”

Restless Spirits: Emerging in the Lehigh Valley
watching a fellow Lutheran across the ocean … work things out!

Emergent, Methodism & Calvinism
I did Methodism as an elective in seminary .. so this interests me.

t + 5 Years | Will the Emerging Church be a Denomination?
not for Malaysia IMHO … thus I’m saying Amen to Kester’s comments, “To be honest, I hope that the Emerging Church can break this cycle. As I’ve written in the book, what I’d love to see is a new ’emergent church’ evolving… with local incarnations as different as need be.”

a southern response to a southern response
10 brief responses from the land of the “Lord of the Rings” who actually did a PhD on emerging church 🙂

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