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I kind giggled here and there as I read my speakers profile in the FES National Conference file (I gave them some basic info but this is the first time I’m reading the creative write-up *smile*). Mostly, I felt affirmed and encouraged …

Here’s what they said about me …

Hailed as the cool pastor to the postmodern generation, Rev. Sivin lives out a radical pastorate. Bangsar Lutheran Church which he pastors is not your typical church and is attractive to many because of the homely acceptance and relevant ministry. No one would equate this blogging minister who cuts the edge where the times are concerned, as he explores issues changing our generation through his efforts as coordinator of Emergent Malaysia, as being out of fashion. Ps. Sivin’s quest is to touch as many as he can, in any way he can using the philosophy of Paul.

wow! I’m blushing … I was honored and humbled when I read the “philosophy of Paul” bit … still digesting. As for fashion … I’d like to think of the ingreasing greys and thining hairline trend setting – … clothes wise.. so so lah! Glad to see “Bangsar Lutheran Church” (BLC) is not your typical church – enter at your own risk 🙂 seriously, BLC has been so much part of my journey. of course, increasingly … Emergent has become more and more a conversation starter nowadays … at the speakers room someone told me(with a smile) .. “So you guys are not a cult group huh? … I was interested when I heard Mr. S say they we’ll be meeting up with some theological thugs … so what is Emergent?” Then I go …”hmmm …. actually it’s like this … nothing fancy …”

It’s interesting how I’m perceived in this write-up. As I read some others I’m further humbled and at times humored 🙂

consider some of the words to describe other speakers … I’ve got lots to learn:
– sacrificial living & giving
– confidante and encourager
-gentle yet firm pastoring
– blazed the trial of risk taking
– a voice of care and change
– a “chilli padi” … small but powerful prophet 🙂
– rare breed of Christian thinkers
– Ebony and Ivory, dark and light 🙂
– man with a sexy voice 🙂
– counter-cultural
– Indiana Jones lool alike 🙂
– non-conformist
– living statement of simplicity, love and faith
– colourful life 🙂
– BSG – “Boss sudah gila” … hahhahaha 🙂
– caring nature & dignity
– opening their homes
– ooze the grace of God
– Mrs. Incredible! 🙂
– exotic mix 🙂
– breaking down barriers
– multi racial heart
– office theologian
– legacy leaver
– practices a faith that is rooted in reality
– humble servanthood
– Chinese comedian 🙂
– woman of grace
– ripple maker

I wonder how would my kids see me … and say about me? (this thought inspired by this picture of Elysia checking me out!)

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