Random Links 76

Why the World Is Flat
I just got the book … read the first part with interest .. here’s an interview.

Citizens International
stumbled on this initiave after getting two of their RM5 pamphlets. They say they are “a global initiative from Penang, Malaysia. It seeks to analyze the causes of increased militarization of the planet and to work towards an environment of peace and international security including the preservation of social justice, ecology and sustainable development. CI also supports the development of traditional knowledge systems.”

Another happy new discovery today … lots of book downloads for this ” first serious effort originating from the Global South to promote and publicise the works of scholars from the three major continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America, so that these are known and made available across the board.” My first two downloads – Grassroots Post Modernism & Decolonising the Mind 🙂

Making public meetings work
10 strategies on the table now. Here’s a few that jumped out ..
“1. Be prepared and curious. … 4.Build wholeness and sense the emerging story. … 10. Debrief the deeper learnings”

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