Random Thoughts with Pink Floyd Music on itunes


My physical body cries out sleep … arrested a runny nose with one pill.

Decent meeting with BLC’s Children ministry core team today. There’s still a lot more work to do in 2006. We’ll start more tidying up on the 31 December 2005 🙂

My exhaustion might be due to “too much” decibels a while ago. Perhaps I’m growing older .. or it’s simply because I’ve changed (more of the later really). I value silence, space and pacing more these days. An overdose of repetative words to generate excitement doesn’t do me much good these days. The intentions are not in question right now, it’s more of whether we understand the mystery of how language, rhythm, words, and tone work …

Heard more inside stories about an “old” incident which I knew about years ago … a project actually failed and I kind of had a “intuitive hunch” it would. In fact, I was concerned and warned some of the individuals involved about the problem. Glad some were spared, and sad that from what I hear others are unrepentant. Minimum they are unreflective over the whole incident … Lord have mercy.

Oh … it’s 12:03am now.. these Pink Floyd stuff is good.

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