Little Drummer Boy

IMG_4755_Gareth_drummer1.jpg IMG_4747_gareth_drummer2.jpg

IMG_4754_gareth_drummer3.jpg IMG_4750_gareth_drummer_4.jpg

These photos were taken more than one year ago November 4, 2004. Wow! I remember being amazed that Gareth held “matchstick” position for the drum sticks so well and he has good posture even though he can’t reach the pedals … It’s such a delight to look at these pictures and recall the joy hanging out in church during the music rehearsal … that time May Chin (who was pregnant with Elysia) still could serve as a keyboardist – now it’s harder because her hands are full!! That’s ok we’re in a different phase – and her service has transformed more towards the home and family … (while amazingly juggling work)

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