On Commitment & Involvement

This is a good one linked from The Complex Christ:

“Do you know the difference between commitment and involvement?
Think of ham and eggs.
The chicken is involved. The pig is committed.”

~ Martina Navratilova, interviewed in 1982.

My prayer is that as we’ve passed the last sunday of Advent moving towards Christmas .. we will spend some time to re-assess not only our involvements and commitments but also the mind-sets (i.e. paradigms?) and the motivations (i.e. values) that actually influences the choices we make. I find this to be an ongoing process that involves deepening some areas and revising other ones. In spiritual lingo – loads of recommitment and repentance. At this stage of my life, I’m not satisfied with either/or solutions (because if a question is posed in such away like should I tithe or not? … must I be in a small group? .. must I read the Bible everyday? etc … often misses the more important issues at hand) ..

I see myself and hope to encourage others along to pause and not hurry to want answers for questions like those above too quickly .. or re-examine why we prefer one answer over another … and thus, allow whatever we genuinely feel or think to surface .. and then say, “Ok! … now, did I miss something more important here?”, “perhaps, thinking in this way actually stops my growth .. how about another way – a third alternative?”, “So, what kind of Christ-follower do I REALLY want to be?”, “Have “I” taken so much space that is actually meant or Christ?”.

And then in the loving presense of Jesus whom we’re reminded of to worship this season … I sit and listen. After a while, when I stand and move on .. there will be changes in view.

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