Random Thoughts on Christmas Night


Nice to wind down tonight … and begin the gradual steps transitioning from 2005 to 2006.

The kids are asleep 🙂 I enjoyed a wonderful evening dinner with family .. especially grateful that my Dad, John (my Brother – making it the last moment) and I could be together because it’s REALLY hard to get us together because of our working schedules … which are all non-traditional 9 to 5.

The Peking Duck tonight was awesome – it was heavenly!

I choked up (trying to hold back some tears) while trying to talk about the theme of “adoption” in the light of John 1:12 this morning after a video clip on adoption. I’m getting “softer” am I as I age?

Sent a load of email Christmas greetings last night … nice to get some feedback and reconnected with old and new friends.

Was tremendously blessed when one person came up to be and said he would like to be baptised. What a great joy for fellow Christ-follower to hear that and especially for me as a pastor!

Time passes by so fast these days … I was looking one of our three year olds today and my mind drifted to the day I first saw her at the hospital nursery.

there might be some lingering administrative stuff as far as church is concerned .. but I’m learning to let it settle tomorrow and savour this moment of winding down.

I wished I could spend more time in depth with a number of people today … even for a small setting like ours in BLC it’s really hard. I’m thankful to manage to be in touch here and there. .. but I guess it requires effort in a different context. Events like today are good for the purpose for gathering us together for corporate worship and some fellowship but another appointment might work better for more in depth conversations.

I enjoyed showing mom and dad the pictures of Gareth and Elysia the last one year. I think I need to get some printed.

The morning today started with a severe challenge as it was hard to manage the two kids to get ready for the church Christmas worship gathering … I felt really bad for being late for the pre-service preparations. happy to see the rest all there. But there are times when it’s extra challenging and turned out today was one of them.

Glad that the grace of God carried me through emotionally and spiritually … not just for the morning but until now.

There’s many things on my mind and in my heart that require space to “settle” and through journaling and perhaps some blogging to allow myself to catch up with “myself which is on the move”.

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