Christmas Snapshots beyond BLC

This year our Christmas programs kind of focused more on going out and spend time with people we don’t normally do … and the last 2 years at least we’ve been having a close relationship with the Rumah Hope kids (partly because Rev. Augustin is a good friend of mine is also their pastor). Due to some unforeseen circumstances their Christmas party landed in the Father’s HOuse but that’s ok .. I’m thankful this year we could play some part in their program apart from giving Christmas gifts bit. Then the other is the 1st time visit to our own denominations home for the elderly in Kajang which I heard some funny and fulfilling feedback too.

On December 3, Saturday … 10am
DB wrote something here in trust and obey (with photos)

IMG_7550_ready.jpg IMG_7554_menatwork.jpg

We arrived at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail park with readiness and anticipation. Some of our BLC boys as you can see are at work.

IMG_7607_game1.jpg IMG_7630_clown.jpg

It was great to have some of our kids (and their parents come) so they could play with the Rumah hope kids. We even got a last minute clown in action (a first timer who went for a crash course!)

IMG_7701_watergame.jpg IMG_7705_relax.jpg

who could resist playing with water huh? and of course, some time for relaxation!

IMG_7736_rh_duo.jpg IMG_7722_organize.jpg

The smiles were rewarding enough … and many thanks to DB and his team for organizing this event!

December 17, Saturday, 3pm

visit to Home for the elderly
(Thanks Ee Chia for the pictures)

DSCN9153_oldfolks2.jpg DSCN9153_oldfolks3.jpg

It was funny to see some of our guys practice their mandarin skills so they could sing for those at the home. what I heard is many of our BLC gang enjoyed the stories the old folks had to share.

DSCN9147_old_folks_team4.jpg DSCN9149_oldfolks_team2.jpg

As you can see our people are pretty happy. They even got Carmen to pray in Cantonese at the end. Ah yes … we can always rely on people from Ipoh for Cantonese prayers!

Christmas party with Rumah Hope Kids …6.30pm

IMG_8142_deb_augy.jpg IMG_8149_sing.jpg

This Christmas party is kind of a little tradition Rev. Augustin and his wife Debbie does for the kids since Augustin moved to pastor Good Hope Church. The kids sang and moved with the whole heart and being!


BLC like last year were in charge of the gifts for each of the kids. every LiFE Group played their role in organizing this. It was nice to have some who could come that evening and personally gave them out. Later we moved to smaller groups and talked with the kids about their Christmas thus far.

*As I shared with the church during Christmas that events like this are not meant to ease our guilt for not doing much during the year or make us feel proud because we are doing something during Christmas, I see events like this keeping us connected with those who are easily forgotten, in the margins and often neglected. My prayer is that those of us who were participating in one of these events or more than one would allow God to start working deeper in shaping us into Christ-like maturity and focus us in our mission here on earth in whatever capacity. My hope is that the events above would turn into “moments” where our values would change (if it’s off tangent), our views and perspectives challenged (or revised) … see God’s grace at work even more in the lives of others and in our own as well.*

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