Random Thoughts on the 2nd Day


It’s been a while since I’ve punched in some random thoughts.

It’s the year of the FIFA World Cup at Germany. June and early July will have many sleepy people at work. I’ll probably wake up and watch some matches 🙂

Didn’t manage to do some stuff “I resolved” to do in the last week of the year 2005. Many factors … but it doesn’t mean I won’t do them this week.

The last week was quite eventful though … May Chin and Gareth falling ill (now recovered), I wasn’t feeling too good. Elysia sleeping very little and extra energetic. Two nice dinners which included a special engagement.

We missed our trip to Taipeng which was a disappointment. Took one day to visit the Aquaria KLCC. Overpriced, underdelivered but Gareth had some fun moments here and there. And it was really crowded. A little surprise bonus was to see an “old” friend.

So, the last week was supposed to be holiday in Taipeng for 3 days (but that turned into “holiday” at home with Gareth vomitting here and there – sqeezed a little time for the Aquaria KLCC trip), then was hoping to have some “uninterupted” time for reflection (but the other 2 days May Chin was frequenting toilet, I was feeling strange while Elysia was challenging), the new year eve had a pretty good children’s ministry meeting (but was cut short due to unforseen circumstances), then an unpleasant episode just before the fireworks shot up in the sky for the new year 2006 (thankfully God I believe is reworking and redeeming this episode). Pretty bumby when I was hoping for something smooth sailing.

Little “grace” sparks here and there.

Elysia’s giggles brightened up my evening when I was shooting Gareth’s mini-basketball into the mini-basket sitting down.

Gareth scored a few baskets himself!!!

A surprise present … which landed in our car boot. Santa works overtime! wow! (thanks mate!)

Readjusted Gareth’s new bed to extend it – he seems happy.

an “old” BLC member returns for Sunday worship … a delightful “welcome back!”

A new baby added to the church family … 🙂 on new years day .. congrats Keat Lim and Wan Ching (and Mynn)

Good to read an article I wrote for the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (more like May Chin reading it out loud in the car!) which was “good” for me as well. Stuff I needed to hear … even now.

Looking forward to meet one of the LiFE Groups tonight at my place. Desiring to witness the Spirit move.

Read Newsweek with coffee while Gareth ate his cereal which is a pleasure for both of us.

It was also delightful to spend some time with “old” friends during the new year’s day afternoon. Physically tired but good times.

I think these thoughts so far are pretty random … and while the week didn’t turned out as planned (isn’t life often like that?), some plans still went through (thank God!), the surprises were definately precious! In the midst of randomness in thoughts and feelings, and of course, in some events, like a detective it’s still possible to trace the movement of God and his vibrations of grace somewhere.

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