Random Thoughts after Potato Chips


For once I think I ended the year and started it by being a good boy and used the voucher for my blood test, urine test and ECG test.

wow! I’m 175.7cm (did I grow 0.7cm?) but the weight is 76.7Kg. Someone told me that’s an ok weight but others have commented on my less than ideal shape 🙂

It’s been a pretty good week … much has been accomplished even though the start of the year was bumpy. And yet, I still miss some items. That’s alright.

Had some really good noodles tonight for dinner … rewarding. The restaurant in Taman Seputeh is surprising good for our purposes so far. I’m learning how good things are often hidden in some unknown corner.

Good to see my brother in the worship gathering today.

Looking forward to some form of decent “Sabbath” tomorrow.

Glad to see Gareth go for a swim with May Chin … I think that’s so precious. And Elysia slept well in the afternoon.

Appreciate a pastor friend who managed to get me for lunch last week. It’s been some time since we’ve met. I’m happy he persisted and initiated this round. In our “busy” lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur, this kind of persistence and initiative is so crucial to keep frienships long term.

Surprised to read about Robert Brow here in Go and Make Learners – A Free Book. My mind was bought back to those email conversations we had with each other and how they kept me in the pastoral ministry and laid some groundwork for what i’m doing now.

Time travels so fast nowadays … and it takes a lot of effort to slow down, to pause long enough to “capture” some moments and “pace” oneself better.

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