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The Art of Evangelism
10 useful points to reflect even on the way we do “evangelism”.

No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything (via Maggi Dawn)
My mind was drawn to Christian parents who are saying “We don’t want to impose our religion on our kids” when I read this… To me especially in a Christian tradition that practises infant baptism, I’m thinking the Christian faith is more about “including” the kids more than “imposing” … here’s what struck me… “His (Dawkins) conclusion is that no children should be exposed to religion until they are old enough to make a choice; anything else is indoctrination. But this is quixotic; how can they ever make any choice without knowledge and how can they ever have knowledge without running into Dawkins’s allegation of indoctrination? Furthermore, the concept of a child to be kept a blank slate, free from parental influence, is absurd – or does it just apply to religion, and if so, why? What about the many ways in which parents shape children (so constraining many choices) for both good and ill? Isn’t the point that children should be encouraged to develop thoughtful, inquiring minds and a strong ethical framework – and that this is possible both with, or without, religious belief?”

leadership as a contemplative movement
now this is counter-cultural … “When I intentionally seek quiet and restful space, I encounter the Spirit of God. When we separate ourselves from busyness and distraction, He comes to brood over us. In that place of shared rest I have nothing to prove, no one to influence, no way to “succeed” except to be loved. Restful people become a welcoming place for the Spirit of God, and in turn can offer peace and rest to others.”

Vigil Watch : 11 Jan 2006
Nice to see some of my pictures there 🙂

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