Forced Absence

Sorry for being so quiet for almost a week. My notebook crashed … the Harddisk was faulty. The Desktop at home had and still has problems with the modem (something to do with not Windows XP compatible) thus hanging all the time. There’s lots going on in spite of the silence in this blog. I hope to return soon in full force. But for now, I feel the “forced” absence hard to bear … Hope to get the notebook back soon and more importantly recover important data files in the previous hard disk … I was planning ot back it up the the notebook CRASHED on me! 🙁 Am I feeling lousy? Yes … but that’s life. There are others things I need to do … and thankfully there’s still a desktop to do it (actually I’m borrowing Gareth’s desktop at home and now sitting in another pastor’s chair using her PC) … *sigh* and yet grateful to still say something here*

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