Random Thoughts before Chinese New Year

Had a very painful and difficult morning today. Now a little better … Kyrie Eleison…

On a happier note, I’ve at least started intentionally working on my first module for my masters 🙂 Had a good talk with Dr. Philip Siew who will be the sage to keep me on track. he was kind enough to say that he’ll be more like a fellow student who walks alongside me.

Got the notebook back minus the data files. Fresh new Hard Drive but need to see whether a couple of friends can help me recover as much as I can from the faulty one.

I think my random “return” thoughts would be pretty dialectic .. here. I found some CDs where I ACTUALLY did back up some photos and and other stuff from the notebook. So, at least stuff from 2004 to near the end of 2005 is recovered.

Hope I can get my pictures. .. which are very very precious to me.

Times with Gareth has been pleasant the last two days. Especially the journey to school. I was so happy when I could surprise him and bring him back from school yesterday. He was REaLLY very happy and so was I.

considering perhaps I’d like to delve deeper into Dietrich Bonhoeffer as part of my reflections on the nature and mission of the church. Checking out the site by International Dietrich Bonhoeffer Society is fascinating! so is reading his early thoughts on Reason and Revelation as well as Ecclesiology and eschatology! Phew!

I’m a little tired now … there’s quite a bit I didn’t manage to do as much as i would have liked too. Plus, there’s quite a number of internal and external interuptions which … *sigh* drains the energy out of you … but that’s just part of this life huh whether Chinese new year or not?

Might have a chance to catch up with old and new friends the next few days. Hope to get my self emotionally and socially ready.

Glad to get an invite and will await confirmation for an upcoming consultation (once confirmed then the blogs will begin)

Oh yes .. loads of devotionals to write for Lent and for Asian Reflections. whcih translates loads of work in away .. and yet it’s more than work… it’s ministry .. and yet i’s not just ministry it’s birthed out of one’s walk with God in thinking, feeling and relating!

and now… for some late night reading .. which will help in my sleeping … 🙂

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