Random Thoughts after lots of food!


Nice to have the reunion dinner outside for a change. Both of our mums then didn’t have to cook which they have done for years. It was good for the families to get together even though it’s a small gathering.

Good to be plunging backinto blogsphere .. making my return. The DSL line is doing better today. Much more stable. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the other desktop connected fully. Later-lah!

Met another Jason on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed our extended chat especially yesterday. God’s blessings on him …

We had a really good time after the Sunday Worship gathering … with a bunch of “remnant” BLCians coming over for lunch (most either are away back to their home towns or have prior family appointments). It was special too as this years first day of Chinese New Year falls on Sunday. 🙂

Went to Uncle Caine’s place today (this is the new practice since Grandma passed away). As usual it was good food … less people this year … good to catch up with relatives … my brother John as always entertaining the kids and adults with his “magic tricks”… a good cup of wine or two … a pretty tiring journey home … had a decent nap.

Very fresh and awake right now.

Hope to recover the data files in the previous Hard Disk drive … fingers crossed time is short. Need to return the HDD back to the service center. 🙁

Thinking about “contextualization” a bit more as I’m eavesdropping on an email conversation. Thought about the “homosexual question” too and how can we engage in these matters sensibly and faithfully.

Thanks to Mike Foong, I’m hoping to finally get something done in the upgraded version of the Emergent Malaysia website.

Had lots of Shandy (beer & lemonade mix) the last two days 🙂 lots of chips from potatos to Chinese crackers! Yummy … but who knows what I’ll look like by the end of the week.

Read to Gareth a book on Baby Bunny. … but he slepted when I was reading “Decolonizing Theology in the Caribbean: Prospects for hermeneutical Reconstruction” not to him but to myself.

I enjoyed some solitude and silence when I somehow woke up around 3.30am on Sunday. Now, I’m having some beautiful time alone while everyone is asleep. Strange for an “extrovert” like me … but then again I’ve been appreciating this more nowadays.

I know I have a lot to do … the next few days. But I’m going to enjoy the holidays no matter what!

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