Random Thoughts after backing up precious data


right now I’m smiling and feeling happy like Elysia & Gareth in the above picture I took last week.

Why? because thanks to a Mr. C.K. (the Miracle man!) he managed somehow to make my “faulty-corrupted-condemned” previous notebook hard drive disk come back alive and he & I could access precious data – articles I’ve saved since having the notebook, photos I’ve downloaded from the my digital camera (especially stuff since last october will January this year), my writings, lots and lots of audios (Mp3s) etc. …

Now, I’m learning the art of back up while still in the midst of “back up phobia” – using a simple Firefox extention gSpace which is great for starters. Once I get my homenetwork done properly then I’ll transfer some to the desktop. Of course, I could just burn CDs or DVDs.

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for me emotionally .. . and a great realization how dependant I’ve been to technology and easily affected by it’s blessing and troubles.

I’m just happy I culd recover a majority of my data .. which is helpful with so many “stuff” that’s pending for my attention starting TOMORROW. Of course, I’ll still have to re-install a number of programs. But then, now I’m more conscious of the clutter I’ve got myself into the last time as a “messy crazy” notebook user.

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