Random Thoughts after a good bath


Workin on and tweaking my new Second Thoughts site has been quite a learning experience. I chose green mainly because it’s May Chin’s favorite colour!

When I’m trying to help re-frame a question or issues at hand I struggle to convey that I’m not saying the original question is stupid or not worthy to be asked. I’m merely trying to say, “perhaps we could and should see it another way to move forward?”

I’m honored to be one of the person another has chosen to come to during the crossroads of his life. It’s a gift.

I’m really excited and find myself increasingly focusing more as I read up for my MTheol Program. I may have “lost” one potentil supervisor for one module but gained another one for another module. That’s just part of the process huh?

There’s still quite a lot on my plate … I hope to one by one handle them this week. Lots of energy, discipline, thinking, reflecting, writing, doing required. Lots of help needed from others too.

Gareth said something tonite that caught me by surprise.

I think I overfed Elysia some biscuits that brought some needed wrath from May Chin. Opps …

Miss journaling … I want to and need to return to the practice.

It’s really hot these past few days. I feel baked tonight. Thank God and thank the humans who invented the air-con.

Did Cornel West really act in one of the Matrix movies? I really would like to find out. BTW, I’ve missed lots and lots of movies since December 2005. (I found out from here Cornel West indeed appeared as Councillor West in the science fiction films Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, and recorded commentaries on philosophy for all three films in the Matrix trilogy for their DVD release, along with Ken Wilber.) Wow! Now I’m looking for the DVDs.

There are a few DVDs on my mind I’d like to own. Hmmm …

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