Emergent Theological Conversation 2006

Emergent Theological Conversation, 2006
great pictures by James Mills and he gives a list of Conversation bloggers… and More conversation bloggers… and his on notes on the event on his blog!

Emergent Theological Conversation – Miroslav Volf Day I
Emergent Theological Conversation – Miroslav Volf Day II
My friend Jason offers some notes here.

volf-ing emergent, emerging volf (part one)
volfing emergent, emerging volf (part two)
Can’t wait for part three …notes that leaped out for me
“… primary research and theological systems are of some use, and one needs to think about how various commitments regarding one doctrine (say, one’s view of christology) impacts the others (say, one’s view of ecclesiology) and so on. but if theology is not also and primarily an integrated whole and grounded in practices that make up a way of life, then it misses its most important purpose. to make his point, he quoted his mentor, jurgen moltmann, who says “theology has become marginalized because theologians are afraid to deal with the difficulties of real life.”

… the issue of epistemic humility is intimately tied to the question of embrace and it amounts to the challenge of acting while nonetheless holding an openness to the possiblity that we are wrong. to have such a view, for mv, simply means having an appropriate view of humanity. we are not absolue, and our horizon is limited. thus we cannot fully know and defend without a doubt my view of what right belief and action should be. how then can i act with confidence? in a marvelous moment (one among a handful of times this happened), mv’s love of martin luther showed itself. he said quite simply that our confidence comes not from our conviction but from our faith, not from our holding truth but because of our being held by truth. at this point he quoted luther’s heidelberg disputation #28: “the love of god does not find, but creates, that which is pleasing to it. the love of [hu]man[ity] comes into being through that which is please to it.”

ETC Day 3 Pix
ETC — A Day Two Real Post
ETC Day 2
Diversity in the Emerging Church Session
ETC: Monday Evening Wrap Up
Thanks to Jay for the pictures and notes.

In short … I wish i was there 🙂 I admit it’s a little far. Perhaps some day …

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