Random Thoughts after Chap Goh Mei


wow the Chinese New year celebrations went by very fast. we didn’t have anything special last night. Oh … maybe we did .. the dinner was good and it’s great to see Gareth enjoy his pasta and Elysia munching her garlic bread. We had some fun getting some groceries too … May Chin was busy getting stuff while I has taking the kids on a ride all over the place on the trolley! I enjoyed that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m getting more and more in touch with and drawn to themes revolving around Gracious Christianity (I hope I can get the book) lately and what that looks like. Then there’s the ongoing wrestling on how a Generous Orthodoxy looks like in my life, ministry and context.

I also wonder how I could do an apostle Paul thing humbly presenting these insights and practices above in a “Follow me as I follow Christ” kind of way. My own “Christian journey” has been nourished thus far by these musins but I question at times whether other Christians are interested at all in these matters. Sure it’s a some yes others no scenario. But then I’d ask what then are they interested in or is it a don’t bother and get on with life as it is lah. Or just tweak what ever we’re used to.

Seeds of distrust is such a dangerous thing. Broken trust is so hard to repair. perhaps I shouldn’t say impossible but it’s difficult.

Do people decide how they relate to you or give respect … based on age, skin colour, perceived experience, gender, etc? or is it just plain prejudice or pride?

Glad I managed to put Elysia to sleep … got some time to blog 😛

It’s rare to have good friends these days … it’s rare to have a “safe place” where one can be themselves without such vulnerability being “used” for even so called personally perceived “noble” end. Good friends are indeed a treasure … and every single one counts.

Going in circles is tiring.

these thoughts are REALLY getting more and more random right now.

I read a funny conversation between a Dad and his son. I laughed out loud while carrying my daughter.

On second thoughts, the family outing last night though simple – just a dinner and some shopping was very special. Re-calling it more is energizing me.

This morning didn’t turn out the way I would have wanted it. so, another adjustment. But there’s so much that hasn’t turned out the way I would have wanted it. Some discourages and drains, but there will be always pleasant suprises.

I was thinking about what if I “remained” the same I was 5 years ago, or 10 years ago would I even be typing all the above seemingly incoherent ramblings. or would I probably sweep stuff under the carpet and throw myself in to busyness and activity.

I need to read more Bonhoeffer this season.

I have to start reading my Newbigin readin today.

Oh yes … I do feel drawn back to spend time in the Scriptures. A little bit of “silence” will help. Centering … hmm, how does one do that with Kids running about and perhaps needing attention? Ok … the monks didn’t have kids in the monastry but what was their distractions? Maybe Luther migh have a different model that might work better for me?

Come to think of it …. right now, while Elysia is sleeping, there’s a little silence, I’m blogging … it’s precious. And I think I’m praying too.

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