Random Thoughts before I go


It’s wonderful to see Rev. Dr. Richard A. Jensen again and this time with his wife Rev. Dr. Bonnie Jensen. His classes on preaching a number of years ago before my ordination I think, and the three books he gave me (which he was the author) really helped me along the way. Most of all I enjoyed the conversations we had especially when I was driving him around in a van I borrowed from another congregation. Of course, it’s was more than his vast experience and knowledge that impacted me, it was also his character, “wonder”-full posture towards learning and exploring, and a genuine generous orthodoxy that encouraged me tremendously.

I’ve been blogging very little for my standards the last week. It’s really a “busy” season even though I try to be an “unbusy” pastor. I suppose it’s a mixture of many factors how things got stacked up but then again. I’d like to see it as a season not as a permanent feature.

I’m in awe of God’s grace at work the last one week. With devotionals written, prayer guides done, catechism material sourced, Sunday message work in progress, supporting another through crisis, juggling the family responsibilities, …. the list goes on. I’m no super human, I’m most surely one fragile man amazed by God’s grace which empowers indeed in moments when I’m most in need.

time is flying… I need to go. A delightful “present” today is the opportunity to see Jason Clark’s Dmin Dissertation which will surely be part of my reading during Lent 🙂

I’m looking forward to a simple Ash Wednesday service at BLC 8pm, which will be our first.

Elysia’s “Papa” calling is improving day by day. May Chin has been wonderful in shouldering an extra load during my “crammed” schedule this week. Hers is no less “crammed”. Thank God for our parents.

So the theme for this morning is finalization … and hopefully I can operate the video cam properly this afternoon and the Mp3 player/recorder. I’m still in need for much help 🙂 Nice to have John Cheah assisting in some administrative details for the preaching classes. He’s a God-sent “angel” 🙂

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