Lent 7.1: The Lord’s Prayer (and Manifesto?)

Matthew 6.7-15

My youth fellowship teacher challenged me to pray this prayer everyday when I was 15. So I did every morning as I walked to school. It took 10 minutes to reach the school gate, so besides praying the Lord’s prayer I landed up praying with my eyes opened J for whatever came to my mind. I did wonder as I recited this prayer every day whether I was “babbling on” like what Jesus warned against in this passage.

I didn’t pray this prayer to manipulate God’s mind nor to look spiritual (in fact some people who saw my lips moving when I was walking thought I was not screwed properly in the brain!). Through the years, this prayer has kept me in tact when I’m tempted to fall apart. It’s also become a kind of Manifesto that puts legs to my prayer. I learn that God’s will is meant to be done on earth and I want to be part of that. I learn about contentment with my needs (daily bread) and not overindulge in my wants (daily burgers?). Every time I ask God to forgive my sins, I wonder whether I’ve forgiven those who sinned against me. I’m on guard against temptation and recognize I’m in a spiritual warfare when I hear the words, “deliver us from evil.” In the beginning and the end. I hear the call to honor and glorify God!

Action: Use the Lord’s prayer as a guide to your prayer this week. Pray it slowly and pause after each line (perhaps filling in other thoughts in your heart) and then move to the next.

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