Random Thoughts after a 10am-10:38pm Meeting

Today was another one of those LONG LONG meetings … lots of important deliberations, discussions, and decisions made. Sometimes, one is tempted to move on faster but we need to work through the issues and concerns as well.

I’m learning to laugh as well as try to listen to not just the words from people’s lips but more so what is going on inside their hearts and minds. Then there’s always a load of history or stories that is hidden …

So far, I’m surviving day by day … minute by minute … I don’t know how, but when I heard of the concept of “Sabbathical Month” today … I was really excited 🙂 I’m looking forward for some “Sabbathical Minute” right now, and preferably … one day this week.

I’m eavesdropping here and there on people’s conversations .. ah the wonder of the internet and email yahoogroups or googlegroups. I’m amazed by the amount of words that we as humans are able to produce. I’m settling for random thoughts now.

As someone who enjoys talking … I’m learning to use less words. I fail often. But, my prayers are shorter and allows ofr more silence here and there. I think I pour out more through journaling (which I’m missing quite a bit now).

I’m still trying to understand why some people see the great gulf between theology and practical aspects of ministry. somehow, we still stuggle in getting a possible framework to integrate theology, spirituality and ministry. What is our vision of being a Christian? which also leads to the question of being a pastor in this crazy crazy world!?

I think I’m keying these thoughts as a kind of unloading exercise.

Is reverse osmosis water really ok? I always feel strange after drinking it especially in our bottled form?

I wonder how is my Mandarin skills? I need to sleep and just wake up tomorrow and be able to translate for two speakers tomorrow!

Lord have mercy.

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