Lent 10.1: Letter from Someone Angry

Matthew 5.20-26

Dear Jesus,
I’m not fit for this “anger management” thing. I’ve been calling people idiots all my life. Ok, I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. And now you say I’m in danger of the fires of hell. That’s not fair. Look around – we have people suing each other, cold shoulders here and there, voices raised at home, quarrels between even Christians and all that. Why should I calm down? Why should I go and get reconciled with the other “idiot”? (sorry! I’m angry now hope you don’t mind the language.) Why should I make the first step? Let someone else do it first L I’m really trying hard with the “Be angry but do not sin”

Then again, I don’t like to be in this place where I’m overwhelmed with anger, frustration and sometimes hatred. It’s very draining and suffocating. I want to breath freely again. You mentioned about “coming to terms with your enemy before it is too late”. Perhaps I shouldn’t wait too long in making some steps toward that someone whom I’m angry with. Maybe I was too quick to flair up as well.

It was St. Francis of Assisi that said,
“LORD, make us instruments of Your peace.
Where there is hatred, let us sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is discord, union; ”

Action: Take one step closer to the person and step away from the anger

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