Lent 13.1: ON MERCY

Luke 6.36-38

It has been said and heard over and over again, “Do not judge” (Lk 6.37). It is important that we understand why God desires for us to not flippantly judge others and keep records of our neighbours’ imperfections. God has established a covenant of love with His people (Dan 9.4). This covenant extends to those who love Him and who receive His love. Within this covenant is also found God’s loving mercy, which assures His people that He will not judge their wrongdoings if they keep loving Him to the best of their abilities.

God desires for His loving mercy to be known in all the world. As a people who live under this covenant of love that He has initiated with us, having received God’s mercy, it is also our duty to bring the message of His mercy to the world by being merciful ourselves. Whilst being merciful is not always an easy thing to do because we seek justice for ourselves, it has cost God more than it will ever cost us.

Reflection: On certain occasions in life when you feel that injustice has been done towards you by others, how do you tend to react? Knowing that mercy is what God desires of you as a child living under His covenant of love, how will you then seek to respond to such situations in the future?

My Response: *smile* for now take a nap!

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