Random Thoughts on after some Lemonade Beer


I’m glad the outline and basic frame for the STM course on Youth Spiritual Formation & Discipleship is out But I still have a lay preaching course to complete this weekend first 🙂 So, I’m learning to celebrate one little task completed while bearing in mind another is just around the corner.

Listening to Brian’s message The Road Ahead: What Cedar Ridge Means To Me (Mp3) made me think about what would I say when the day will come for me to “transition” into a different role as far as BLC is concerned. There were a few moments that stuck with me today .. brought some encouragement and perspective.

Now I’m listening to the Hein-Fry Lectures (Recorded Wednesday, February 8th, at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia). This is the second time I’m hearing the ELCA Bishop Mark S. Hanson. Pretty good stuff … I liked his humor as well. The few Bonhoeffer quotes were awesome!

It was good to catch up with some reading too … helps me slow down. It’s a challenged to learn to suspend some tasks and not see it as procrastination.

Opps said something wrong today but glad I managed to salvage it …

Accepting ambiguity is not to be feared but the way forward perhaps requires some imagination (another word connected to it is “hope”?)

It’s always hard to handle a crying baby… but when two kids cry at the same time … that’s even greater challenge. Stress!

There’s a big heart of gratitude to God for what He’s doing this Lenten season. Some which has been part of my plan, others less so.. but that’s ok He’s in it that what’s important.

The lemonade beer was nice.

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