Random Thoughts before the Big Downpour


I thought this picture above is fun …. I call it “Three Men and a Toilet” (or more precisely – Bathroom?). Up to you what your imagination might spur you to think. It was a humorous moment during a break at our church refocusing day last saturday.

I was thinking about some things I don’t say anymore, e.g.
“what we need to something more practical and not theory!”
(This is because nowadays I think praxis and thinking is much more inter-related than we really know) .. I suspect what we REALLY mean is … “I want something that is thought through as well as enables me to practice it out .. or something like that) I notice there are other sentences I don’t use like I use to or at least when i use it I’ve reflected more on it.

I seldom ask people “Have you accepted Jesus yet?” (partly because I think Christ acceptance of me is more awesome), I tend to say, “tell me about where you are spiritually? or in relation to God or faith?”. I never ask people whether they are “baptised in the Holy spirit” anymore .. or “Are you sold out for Jesus? and many slogans that meant more for me at one phase of my Christian walk. I don’t mean to say that to some these statements are irrelavant. It just means while I have changes the way I talk, part of the reason is my “walk with Christ” has been enriched by so many different interesting pit-stops, or even turns here and there. perhaps I might need to dig into my old journals to see what was my “lingo” in terms of expressing my faith. I must admit while I don’t use the more “charismatic/pentecostal” lingo (I can if I want to), it doesn’t mean I deny the work of the Spirit (in fact, I trust the Spirit’s work even more , I think) … perhaps it’s more of widening my vocabulary – in forms as well as in substance.

I’ve been hearing the term “postmodernism” again in Malaysian Christian circles. Interestingly, I seldom talk about it unless asked by someone. I read a lot on it in relation to Christian ministry and theology for some time starting way back in 1999. Hmm …. it’s a complicated subject that is often presented in a simplistic way. That’s why I tend to respond to questions rather than initiate a talk on it. And I think in our context in Malaysia we need to be aware of the currents globally … I wouldn’t want to be swallowed up by a whirlpool discussion on “postmodernism”. I don’t ignore it, but I don’t think something that demands too much attention. It’s just one of the many things we could talk about.

Is there such a thing as “pacifism” when it comes to human conversations, and discourse (as well as debate?)? I was tempted to say something today in an email but I stopped. I’m glad I did.

Interesting exercise to look through some of the old stuff I typed the two or three years ago. Throw more paper away … but there’s still some left behind.

Still not raining yet.

Eavesdropping on other people’s sermon online. I’m really shy and perhaps I lack confidence to put up my sermons online. well … I’ve got more important things on my mind right now.

I was amused when someone told me that what they are learning in BLC is not mainstream (I wonder what does mainstream look like in Malaysia? *smile*). I found it funny is because since we are a Lutheran church which is considered by older people to be “mainline”, But now a mainline church is not mainstream anymore. hehehe … it was just funny. What is important for me was not so much of the description… (that was more of an educational moment for me), what was more encouraging was that we ere given a chance to help this someone along to draw close to Jesus and learn Christian discipleship afresh.

funny thought exercise …
Question: What type of pastor are you?
Answer: I’m a non-mainstream-mainline-Lutheran-pastor … heheh

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