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Daily Scripture Readings Easter Season, 2006
Living in the light of the future … perhaps a bunch of us might manage to come out with an Easter Meditation Booklet?

EasyEnglish Bible Commentaries
English is still very much a challenge for many even in my congregation which is supposed to be English speaking –> This is a series of Bible Commentaries for pastors, elders and Bible Study leaders in the developing world or for people who speak English as a second language.

Guardian Unlimited: Interview: Rowan Williams
Brunch for thought: “Leadership is – is, to me, a very, very murky and complicated concept. Often, as I – I think I’ve said before, what people mean when they say leadership is making – making the right noises, affirming a particular set of views, convictions or even prejudices. It doesn’t always have very much to do with how you make a difference. And I think the question I always find myself asking of myself is: will a pronouncement here or a statement there actually move things on, or is it something that makes me feel better and other people feel better, but doesn’t necessary contribute very much?”

Caring for the Vulnerable. (Thanks Michael)
Appreciate the summary here .. and especiallys the various roles we can play.

The McPassion
I wonder how many of my Malaysian Christian friends might be offended by this. perhaps I should show it to my friends from other faiths to see what they think.

7 things I learnt from Bono about worship leading
This is interesting … I’ll send it to our Church Worship Catalyst (coordinator)

Why should we study religion?
I close this session with something meaty …

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