One more from Rhema (thanks for all your hardwork)

John 7:40-53

Imagine a court hearing. The accused is at the dock. The charges are read and the evidences are examined. If you were the defending lawyer, what would be your main goal at this hearing? You would surely want to present the relevant evidences supporting your argument. You would challenge the assumptions of the opponent and present the actual facts of the case. Some Jewish authorities at Jesus’ time knew clearly about His claim concerning Himself. But what amazes me was that Jesus didn’t present the evidence of His birth place and lineage to the people: that he was born in Bethlehem and a descendant of David. Wouldn’t this have cleare the doubts that existed in the minds of some of the Jews who questioned His origin and mission on earth?

The problem with this situation is not that the evidences are hidden but people could only see what they wanted to see. They knew that there was something different about Jesus, but they were not willing to go an extra mile to investigate the actual facts of their situation. Their own prejudices and assumptions blinded them from seeing the truth of the matter. The question that confronts us in today’s meditation is this: how far are we willing to go to know the truth about God? When confusing and difficult situations arise, are we willing to work through the issues and seek God with a sincere heart? Or do we take the easy way out by jumping into conclusions based on our past experiences and pre-suppositions?

“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart” God
(Jeremiah 29: 13)

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