Dan 3.1-30

These three men were held in high esteem by the king and appointed to high-ranking positions. But it did not take too long before their attitude caused them to fall into the king’s disfavour: they refused to worship his gods (Daniel 3.13-15). Thus began the persecution of the faithful servants of God.

We often forget that a very significant segment of the Christian believers in this world live in trying conditions. They have to suffer for their faith, and their lives are constantly at stake because of their allegiance to the way of Jesus Christ. Whilst most of us in Malaysia are preoccupied with concerns of our livelihood, our studies, and our social relationships, many of our brethren in other parts of the world are paying a high price for their faith. In the final analysis, it is necessary for us to understand how much this faith means to us. It is about knowing whom we worship.

Reflection: Have we sometimes “cheapened” the Christian faith in the way that we live? Have there been times when the goodness of God has been taken for granted in our lives? Take a moment to consider the cost of discipleship and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Resolve in your heart to pledge your allegiance to him through your lifestyle as a disciple of Christ.

(I realized that the meditations we did was until April 16! Thanks Sherman again for these contributions!)

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