Gen 17.3-9

God made a covenant with Abraham and promised to bless his descendents and to be their God (Genesis 17.3-8). It was a covenant that was to be unceasing and perpetually binding. It was God’s instruction that Abraham’s descendents in the generations to come would have to also retain their memory of this covenant with God (Genesis 17.9).

We are God’s people, and he has likewise initiated a covenant with us. But in a world that often distracts us from the things of God and from our relationship with him, our memory of the covenant is often dissipated by more “urgent” matters. For this reason, we are instructed by the Psalmist to remember. It is our remembrance that will be a source of encouragement during times of trials and temptations. It is our remembrance of God’s marvellous work in our lives that will be the driving force for us to abide in him as we face the different challenges in our life situations.

Reflection: Have you often taken time to remember how God has worked in your life in the past throughout your faith journey? Take a moment to reflect on how faithful he has been through all the challenges that you have faced in the past. Speak a word of encouragement to yourself, resolving to remember that he is your God and you are his child.

(Meditations by a href=”http://www.shermankuek.net/”>Sherman)

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