Ps 18.2-7

The furiously jealous king was after his life. Young David was helpless, for the king had his men sent after him. His heart was pervaded with the anguish of fear, helplessness, and perhaps even a sense of hopelessness. But he willed himself, even at such an hour, to depend on the ability of his God to deliver him from the most impossible of his life’s situations (Psalm 18.2-6).

Such is life; impossible situations are thrown at us sometimes. At times, such situations propel us into a state of helplessness wherein even our own family members and friends may not be able to help us. But such situations in life can be placed in a proper perspective. It is God’s way of teaching us total dependence upon him where human strength and abilities fail us. In times of trouble, it is God who is our fortress, our deliverer, our rock, our refuge, our shield, and our salvation.

Reflection: What are some of the situations you have faced in life that have seemed hopeless? How have you tended to react in such situations? Instead of allowing “hopeless” situations in our lives to bring us into a state of despair, we can look to God and cry out to him for help. He is indeed the deliverer who brings hope to the hopeless, and who gives strength to the wounded.

(Meditations by Sherman)

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