Ps 27.1-3,13-14

There are times when evil does seem to rule the earth. The greedy seem to prosper, and the selfish seem to rise to positions of authority. Those who truly love God sometimes cannot help but secretly ask themselves if this universe is truly governed by a righteous God.

We live under the reign of a God who is patient, forbearing and long-suffering. When the world opposes him and tramples on His authority, He is not hasty to uphold justice by taking action and punishing them according to that which they deserve. Rather, He is slow to anger. He waits, gives them time to consider and turn back from their cruel ways, and bears long with their abuses.

For some of us who agonise at the thought of living in the midst of such dark times characterised by injustice and evil, we are counselled by our understanding of God to “be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (Ps 27.14). Whilst being intolerant of evil is a Christian virtue, we must wait for the appropriate time when God will dispense His judgement on all good and evil. For now, we must wait.

Reflection: How do you tend to react at times when you find that you have been treated unfairly? Knowing the forbearing nature of God, how will you resolve to respond in such situations in the future?

(Meditations by Sherman)

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