Random Thoughts before going to light candles


It’s going to rain tonight. I noticed every holy week we have a good dose of rain in Malaysia. Hmm …

Wonder who will come tonight? What can we expect?

Nice to get an encouraging email today.

the preparation for the Good Friday service was most spritiually rewarding and thought provoking.

Gareth was very good this morning. Again my son brings joy to me. Sure there’s the not so pleasant times to. But it’s times like this morning that eclipses the more challenging ones.

the sky is darkening.

I need to get Elysia fast! Oh my … the whole process of getting in and out of the small car is going to be tough. Getting wet is “inevitable”.

Lent is coming to a close. And Easter is awaiting us. There’s no hurry. “keep hope alive!” is the phrase that rings in my ears right now.

“Advocate” and “innovator”? what’s next?

There was an “evangelistic” dimension last night in a closing conversation. The stations of the cross provided a story-framework for our newcomer to get into the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

I hear the thunder ….

time to go.

BTW, the picture above is Station 13.

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