Ex 12.1-8,11-14

The Passover was the occasion of God’s mighty act in delivering the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians. As He did so, God also desired that they never forget what He had done for them (Ex 12.14). Many years later, just before the Passover Feast that God had instituted since the time of Moses, Jesus showed his disciples the very reason for the Passover itself. It was a demonstration of the full measure of His love (Jn 13.1) which would bring to light the reason for his excruciating experience on the cross. He got into the dress code of a slave. And He washed His disciples’ dirty feet.

The love of God is so compelling that the one who truly desires to understand the magnitude of that love would surely cry out “How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me? (Ps 116.12)”. Eternal and unending gratitude that grips the heart is the only possible response for those who have met with the God who has delivered them with His mighty hand, and then became a slave and washed their feet, and then gave His life that they might live.

Reflection: How far have you been convicted of the measure of God’s love for you? In what way is this gratitude to be made visible in your life?

(meditations by Sherman)

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