Tenebrae Thoughts …

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Reading this Meaningful post helped me recall my own thoughts for tonight’s Tenebrae Service (which is a first for me too). Before I jot down my thoughts… thank you, Doulos for yours …

“The drizzling unending downpour was clearly a foreshadow for an evening of significance. A day culminating in a night of solemn remembrance. Remembrance of what our Lord went through. The unbearable, unimaginable, unspeakable suffering and despair. As I sat in my chair during the Tenebrae service, a service of darkness, tears could not be withheld. It was a service of the darkness with a profound meaning. As each candle was blown out, my being was being overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the emotions that I feel when thinking and trying to capture what Jesus went through. The stations of the Cross were a blessing as well. The service has helped me appreciate a little more the meaning of good friday.

It can be said that it was to be expected as when I awoke from my brief slumber this morning (sleep has scarce these days), a felt a deep tugging within me. I sensed that, today, was going to be a day unlike any other day. In the end, if you measure a day by the turn of events, it turned out that the day was as ordinary as any other day where college and work predominates. However, I felt a sense of meaning, a sense of melancholy, a sense that perhaps touches the very peripheralry of what Jesus went through.

I have never experienced a service such as this. I must say it was quite odd at the beginning but I enjoyed it. The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and beautiful beyond words. The service was also conducted alike to a narrative. The reading of the gospel, the singing of songs without music that resonates so much deeper and the silent contemplation that speaks into the uttermost, was so meaningful.

Today, is a meaningful day for me. The best good friday I ever had. I would like to say, thank you Lord, thank you Lord…I cry, I weep,….thank you for what you have done……it means so much……

The darkness,…………………..”

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