Feast for our Bodies

We’re back from Cameron Highlands. I’m deeply grateful to God we as a family could start our Easter Season with a much needed time away from the busy hurried stuffy draining enviroment of Kuala Lumpur (and all that’s connected not just with the city physically but also metaphorically). We definately had a good feast for our bodies up there in the highlands 🙂 That’s why the following paragraph caught my attention this morning. Our bodies (and all that can be connected to it metaphorically *smile*) are not something we try to escape from but is God’s creation which he redeems and resurrects!

“This is a feast for our bodies, these marvellous shapely organisms that we have lived with for years, and are as central to us as our minds or memories. We shape our bodies, especially our faces, as the years pass. As the proverb has it, the face we have at forty is the face that we deserve. But we feel the body’s frailty in every scratch and hiccup, in every backache and sleepless night.

The apostles and the holy women did not see a ghost of Jesus. They saw him in the flesh, but in different flesh, as the oak tree is different from the acorn from which it grew. We touch on the mystery of a body, not just Jesus’ body but our own, which will express us at our best, will not blunt our spirit with weariness and rebellion, but express it with ease and joy. This is a mystery beyond our imagination, but it is the centre of our faith. As we grow older, nothing in our faith makes more sense than the Passion and Resurrection, the certainty that our body, like Jesus’, must suffer and die, and the certainty that we, in our bodies, have a life beyond death.”~ Sacred Space

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